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Find Fire Bans and Fire Danger Ratings in QLD and across Australia using the Fire Ban Checker app.

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Keep track of fire danger ratings in QLD for you and your loved ones. Know when a QLD Fire Ban is in place and what you can and can’t do during a fire ban.


Government Sourced Data​

All QLD data comes directly from Rural Fire QLD.

search by location

Search by Location

Search by current location, suburb or council.

Instant Results

View results via the interactive map or popup screen. Share results with family and friends.

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Zoom in and out of any zone

The interactive map presents a visual representation of fire danger ratings for the current day. You can pinch to zoom in on a particular area. Press a coloured area and you will be shown the fire danger and fire ban rating for the day.

Easily search Fire Ban QLD details

Type in the first few letters and the Fire Ban Checker will automatically give you a list of results to choose from. 

E.g. Type in ‘Syd’ and Sydney fire ban will appear in the suggested.

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Add locations to your watch list

If you have multiple locations you wish to track, you can add them to a watch list. This is very handy for farmers, families living in separate states, or those planning a weekend away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this app compete with information provided by the QFES?

Not at all. The Fire Ban Checker app in fact uses information provided by QFES and other fire authorities, presenting Fire Bans and Fire Danger Ratings in a convenient format. It is not intended to compete with or replace any state authority website or application.

We encourage all users of the app to refer to their fire authorities for further information.

Where can I find bushfire prevention tips?

Check out this post to find some useful things you can do around your home to prevent the spread of bushfires.

Fire Danger Rating NSW

What are the fire areas for QLD?

There are 15 QLD fire regions. These are outlined below and are defined by the Bureau of Meterology. The QFES provides Fire Ban QLD data by local government area.

The Fire Ban Checker app allows you to search by Suburb, Council or Current Location, thus saving you the hassle of trying to determine your fire region.

  1. Capricornia
  2. Central Coast and Whitsundays
  3. Central Highlands and Coalfields
  4. Central West
  5. Channel Country
  6. Darling Downs and Granite Belt
  7. Gulf Country
  8. Herbert and Lower Burdekin
  1. Maranoa and Warrego
  2. Northern Goldfields and Upper Flinders
  3. North Tropical Coast and Tablelands
  4. North West
  5. Peninsula
  6. Southeast Coast
  7. Wide Bay and Burnett

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With Summer and the bushfire season upon us, I feel 100% prepared with this app. Easy to use with a user friendly interface and accurate and up to date data meaning I can monitor the places, that myself and my love ones frequent, I’m sold!

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Great app, very helpful for finding Fire Ban QLD details. A lot of save settings and customisation options.

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Very clear and simple – this app is perfect and a must download for all Aussies. Thank you for making it possible to check my area as well as my loved ones to make sure we stay safe all year around!

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